Click Speed Test – Check Clicks Per Second

Click Speed Test is an engaging tool that measures your clicking capability in a given period. The click speed test or clicker test are both the same things. So, in simple words, the click test tells us how many times a person can click in a given time frame.

What is the Click Speed Test?

Click Speed Test

The click speed test is an effective way to measure your clicks per second (CPS) rate.

You can also use this tool to improve your score over time as you work on your click speed.

Click Speed Test is a tool to count the number of clicks you make from your keyboard, mouse, mobile phone, or other online devices.

We provide you click speed tester that is designed to test your clicking speed. Your scores are proportional to the number of clicks you have made.

You can hit your speed by repeatedly playing without any limitations.

Moreover, you can upgrade your performance for gaming purposes like action and shooting games by practicing these types of click speed tests.

Purpose of the Clicking Test:

The goal of the click speed test is to help users to measure their mouse click speed accurately.

One can repeatedly take the test, so users can use it to track their progress and improve their click speed over time.

It assists users in boosting their performance in a range of computer-based tasks, particularly gaming.

With lightning-quick click speeds, gamers will be able to ride, fight and build much more quickly, making them more successful.

What is the use of  Speed Click Test?

Click speed test uses the technology of the Element Speed application to calculate your mouse click speed in clicks per second (CPS) accurately and successfully.

As the name tells, Click Speed Test evaluates how many times a person can click in a given period.

This speed click test allows a person to test their finger speed to define how active they are and how swiftly they can click.

The faster they click, the faster and more clicks speed they get.

Types of Click Test:

There are various types of clicking test that can be used to measure the clicking speed of people.

Click Counter

Click Counter is a tally counter that helps the user to calculate the rate of his clicks within a selected time frame.

This online click counter is designed to be readily available at any moment for everyone who wants to count anything in a wide diversity of fields.

Moreover, you can enjoy exact results, social sharing, and browser compatibility in this test.

Space bar click Test

The first way of measuring the click speed is through the space bar key. The criteria of this technique are the same as the mouse test.

The number of times a person presses or clicks the space bar key within a given period.

Usually, this is also calculated for 5 seconds time frame. One can also change the time frame according to per-user requirements from the menu options.

Double click test

This click test is the latest tool to test your mouse double-clicking.

Double-clicking plays a vital role in many tasks of computer, as well as gaming tasks too.

You can test your mouse’s left, right and upper buttons by double-clicking in a more defined way.

Mouse Click Test

One of the other methods to calculate the clicking speed is through a mouse.

How many times a person clicks a left mouse button in a definite time frame would calculate his/her clicking speed ability.

Generally, the click speed test is calculated for 5 seconds. But one can vary it from the menu options.

Features of Clicker test

There are the following attributes of the speed test clicker:

1. User Friendly

One of the exciting features of the speed test clicker is that it is mobile-friendly.

Any mobile user can quickly have an approach to the speed click test from the same web version.

2. Browser Compatibility

The second feature of the clicking speed test is that the website is securely compatible with any browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

3. No Lagging  

There is no lagging issue, no hanging problem, and no delay. This game is design without any performance issues to improve and maintain its performance.

So, you can play this game easily without any problem of lagging. This speed click test is free from any form of technical issue.

4. No Account Required

This website does not require any account to reach this. You can easily use the click test without creating an account.

5. Social Sharing

Another exciting addition to this game is that it allows Social Sharing.

You can share your clicking score with your friends and can invite them to play this click test.

This site allows social sharing, and you can share your clicking test score on social media with your friends and dare them to hit that score.

6. Different time variations to choose from

The clicking speed test offers you different time variations. You can choose any time frame to test your clicking speed.

Different available options to test one’s speed are click per second, click per 5 seconds, click per 10 seconds, click per 30 seconds, or click per 60 seconds(one minute) and the highest period is click per 100 seconds.

So, how can fast you click at these different times? Just test and check yourself by choosing any of the time frames.

Why is speed clicker popular among people?

We can see it by name as it clearly describes the core functionality of the speed test clicker.

This free and online click counter is used to test and count the total number of clicks in a given time frame.

People use this as per their desired needs which differ from each other.

Some people use this clicker counter to test their clicking speed, and some use it to practice and improve their clicking/pressing speed to perform better in games like Minecraft.

Which click speed technique is best to score faster?

There are specific methods that we can use to calculate and improve your clicking speed.

You can find these tests online, and also there are some tests created to enhance your clicking speed test.

Some of the very well-known techniques are given below.

1. Standard Clicking

For beginners, and the most straightforward of all those techniques is regular clicking—everyone who uses a PC uses this method daily.

Whenever someone opens a folder, he/she single-click or double clicks it.

Using a mouse to control and open different folders helps you develop a sense of using a mouse and knowing when to click.

It helps you increase your cps speed and lets you know using a mouse and getting familiar with the techniques.

The average clicking speed by this technique varies from 3-6 clicks per second.

2. Drag Click Test

Drag clicking is a clicking test where you drag your fingers across your right or left mouse button while applying gentle pressure forcing your mouse to register numerous clicks.

This speed click test lets people get up to 40 clicks in a second if done correctly.

It is one of the fastest click speed tester, which increases clicks per the second score.

3. Jitter Click Test

Jitter Clicking is a method of clicking the mouse button at a very high speed with your index finger.

It includes generating hand vibrations in a controlled way and transmitting the beat to the finger, resulting in several mouse clicks within a few seconds.

It is basically about jittering your hand on the mouse as fast as you can.

With Jitter Clicking, gamers have achieved irrationally high CPS in the clicker test, but it is complicated to master and regularly practice.

By this technique, people can reach up to 15 clicks in 1 second if done correctly.

4. Butterfly Clicking Test

Butterfly Clicking Test is a technique that is done by clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers.

Index Finger and Middle Finger usually do this. Therefore it gives you higher clicks per second if done correctly.

This clicking test is much more fast and advanced than Jitter Click Test.

Through this technique, people can attain 18-24 clicks in a second way more than
Jitter Clicking.

5. Auto Clicker

The mouse Auto Clicker is a cheating method. All you need is to program the mouse, and it starts clicking by itself.

Some unique mouses can perform auto-clicking by allowing options give in the manufacturer’s software.

This function is given by default to test mouse clicking speed.

What is the CPS test or CPS counter?

The word CPS is an abbreviation of “Clicks Per Second.” That’s an easy way to call CPS instead of the whole clicks per second.

A higher CPS score intimates a better result, and this is also the result you will see when you take the click speed test.

Element Speed platform is used to calculate the CPS rate, which is available through either the app or website.

How To Calculate Clicks Per Seconds?

If you want to learn that how to calculate clicks per second, then here is its formula:


CPS = Number of clicks / Number of seconds

It is clear from the above procedure that click per second is the ratio of the total number of clicks to seconds. You can quickly evaluate your click speed test score by this formula.

Time variations of clicks per second test:

People are using different time variations to examine their Clicks Per Second Test according to their needs.

That’s why some people want to measure their clicking speed in a single second, while some people want to count their clicks in a 5-second time interval.

Consequently, we have specified below all the popular time variations used by gamers to test their CPS Speed Test;

Clicks Per Second: Normally people, check their clicking speed in one second.

Clicks in 5 Seconds:  You can find your average clicking speed per second by dividing the total number of clicks you do in 5 seconds by the total number of seconds, i.e., 5 seconds.

Clicks in 10 Seconds: Commonly, people check their clicking speed in 10 seconds with a ten-second click speed tester.

If you divide the total clicks you done in ten seconds with 10 seconds, you’ll come to know the average clicks per seconds speed you performed in 10 seconds time period.

Click Test in 30 Seconds: Basically, this tool is designed to measure the clicking speed in a bit longer time than explained above.

The tool’s purpose is the same as above, but the time duration is 30 seconds to conduct this speed test.

Click Test in 60 Seconds: Usually, as the name tells us, this tool is designed to help gamers check their click speed test per minute.

Keep Clicking on the button for sixty seconds is a challenging task.

Click Test in 100 Seconds: Furthermore, this tool is composed to improve your clicking speed test in 100 seconds.

This time frame is adapted for professional gamers – who want to enhance their clicking speed skills for any limited time frame.

Ways to make your click speed faster

If you want to perceive that, how fast can you click? 

Then, you are at the right place. We have mentioned some valuable techniques here:

  1. Practice clicking techniques like Butterfly Clicking and Jitter Clicking.
  2. These techniques involve rapid finger muscle fits to click faster. You can find tutorials for learning these methods over the internet.
  3. Use a mouse instead of a laptop’s mouse pad. It helps you in the improvement of the clicking speed.
  4. Keep your mind free and relaxed helps a lot in gaining the click speed. A focused mind is more vulnerable than an engaged mind.
  5. Make sure your hands are not moist and shivering because of the pressure. The more you are relaxed, the more precisely you can click on your mouse.
  6. For stability during clicking, keep your palm on the table.
  7. Ensure that your hand is in place and your fingers are not pressing the button too hard because the hand’s position matters a lot.
  8. Keep your fingers exact over the mouse button, and be ready and alert when the time comes.

So, keep on practicing the clicking techniques. You will reach your dream goal soon.